• Developer: WolfyBoy Games
  • Category: Roblox
  • Updated: 18.04.22
  • Current version: 3.5

Opexx Keyless Roblox Exploit

This is a keyless roblox exploit I made this using visual studio. 

Note: I accidentally deleted the opexx folder in visual studio so this will be the last update on this version I will have to make a new version.

I removed the bootstrapper because its no-longer being updated due to me losing files

It no longer only uses EasyExploitsAPI it also supports WearedevsAPI and Anemo

And it has a saving system as well!

How to download:

  1. Download  "Opexx V3.0.rar" on anonym.ninja
  2. Open the rar file with winRAR or something else and extract it
  3. Open "Opexx"

Opexx Keyless Roblox Free Exploit

How to use:

  1. Start Opexx.exe
  2. Open a roblox game
  3. Go to "Options" in opexx
  4. Select the API you want to use (Note: Anemo isn't working as of now when this was made)
  5. Double click the API for it to work!
  6. Then press inject (it will inject with the API you selected)
  7. Press Inject 

Stuff you can do:

  1. Put scripts in your scripts folder (this will put scripts on your scripts tab in the exploit)
  2. Mess around with settings
  3. Play with player options
  4. Save your script in options
  5. Save your settings in options

(your api selected will automatically save)

(I recommend pressing save at the bottom of options) 

If there is a winRAR password use 123

Opexx V3.3 | Keyless Roblox Exploit

Download Opexx V3.3 | Keyless Roblox Exploit

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  1. ADDshortMOD
    19 April 2022 14:17

    WOW! cool exploit


  2. ImRobot
    9 April 2022 09:08

    One of the best Exploit for Roblox. Thanks to the developer!

    1. david245
      11 April 2022 16:16

      why does it close when i open opexx?

      1. FaZeWolfyBoy
        14 April 2022 04:08

        1. Anti-Virus

        2. Could be a bug I fixed

        3. Could be a bug I have to fix

        You can join the discord for further support

  3. skyss0fly
    1 April 2022 09:05

    b a l l Z

  4. CRR0K
    30 March 2022 18:17

    One of the bests free keyless roblox exploits I have ever tested.

    1. FaZeWolfyBoy
      14 April 2022 04:06

      Thank you I will continue to update and improve the experience