Ro-Ghoul Roblox Script - Auto Task, Auto Trainer, Teleport

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  • Updated: 26.05.22
  • Current version: 1.0

Working script on the popular Ro-Ghoul mode with Auto-Task, Auto-Trainer, Humans, Teleport, Ghouls and others, these features will give you a huge advantage in this game. Ro-Ghoul is another place dedicated to the character Jason Kaguna from the anime Tokyo Ghoul. This game was released in 2017, and its creator is user SushiWalrus. During the lifetime of the mode in the Roblox universe, it has been visited 765 million times, and the number of additions to favorites is almost 2 million. Ro-Ghoul will go for fans of the iconic anime. You can walk through the storyline either with friends or on your own. In any case, you really want to linger in it for a long time, and thanks to the free script it will be much easier to play, use it from our website.

How do I use this script? < Visit this page to find out.


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Petrakous Petrakous

for me the money thing doesnt work. I reinstalled everything but still the 1m loop or the 50k loop doesnt work

Mumundjan Mumundjan

Can anyone explain to me how to use the "chest teleport" function? All help is appreciated

wgrdextra wgrdextra

its kinda detectable... vac just went hard on me :(

wgrdextra wgrdextra

update plz... :( i used it for 1 day now its goneeeeeeeeeeeee