Roblox Subway Surfers Script - Colllect All Coins

  • Developer: Unknown
  • Status:
  • Updated: 28.05.22
  • Current version: 1.0

Released the only working script on the popular roblox game Subway Surfers, with one useful feature - Collect All Coins. By activating this function, standing in place you will collect all the coins on the map, and become the first among the leaders. Roblox Subway Surfers map is an adventure chase for extreme lovers. It was released in 2021, in that time it has racked up almost 24 million hits, 110,000 users have added the game to their favorites, and there are about 5,000 online. Start collecting points by running, along the railroad track doing various tricks, rolls. Collect gold coins and simultaneously dodge moving trains is a lot of fun, especially with friends. And with the script you will surprise everyone. Use this script while it works! It's available for free on our website.

How do I use this script? < Visit this page to find out.

while task.wait() do
   for _, v in pairs(workspace:GetChildren()) do
       if v.Name == "Coin" then
           v.Position = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position
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bladez1471 bladez1471

I tapped nl and otc with this lol. Nice cheat! 10/8

Amongusman23 Amongusman23

Hello. I just wanted to ask if the cheat is safe since when I downloaded it my 6 antiviruses gone boombastic af man

al3xmd1 al3xmd1

not working can tell someone why ?

why its not working( injectoin failed: mono_class_from_name() returned null