Sword Simulator Roblox Hack - Script GUI Auto Farm

  • Developer: Xyba
  • Status:
  • Updated: 26.07.22
  • Current version: 1.0.6

Sword Simulator Roblox Hack - Script GUI Auto Farm

One of the best free scripts for the game Roblox - Sword Simulator with graphical interface and excellent ban protection from developer Xyba. If you love to play Sword Simulator, then this solution is perfect for your ideas and capabilities. You will become available to other hidden features of the game by activating cheat functions. For example, automatic farming any items, weapons, opening eggs and more.

Sword Simulator Hack Features

Auto Farm In Current Zone

Auto Farm Specific Mob

Auto Equip Best Weapon

Auto Open Egg

Auto Evolve Pet

Auto Evolve Weapon

Auto Omega Pet

Auto Omega Weapon

Auto Delete

Auto Claim Rewards

Auto Claim Achivements

Auto Collect Index Rewards

Hatch 3 Eggs

Claim Daily Reward


Claim Rank Rewards


How to use Anime Fighters Simulator Hack

To run the script you just need to download any working Exploit for Roblox, copy the script from our website and paste.

You just need to use the search on our site and you will find actual injectors for the game Roblox.

For example: Nitronic - Free Roblox exploit, DuckySploit Roblox Level 7 Executor Free, EZlauncher | Roblox executor, Opexx V2.5 | Keyless Roblox Exploit, Free Exploit KRNL for Roblox

Free Download Sword Simulator Roblox Hack - Script GUI Auto Farm

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saadbc43 saadbc43

yeah its true , but the owner of this cheat doesnt want to give us the cheat for free 

saadbc43 saadbc43

can someone just write the key here , and let us be , this is annoying man

bahomoz10 bahomoz10

my friend send me his key, and i tried the cheat and it's worked.

Ole-Andreas Karlsen Ole-Andreas Karlsen

Whats the button for the menu. ive tried to inject with Sunset, however it says injected succseed, but idont know how to open the actual hack menu.