Karate Kick Simulator Script - Infinite Money

  • Developer: Kono Subarashii
  • Status:
  • Updated: 17.08.22
  • Current version: 1.0

Very cool working script on roblox Karate Kick Simulator, which has only one function Infinite Money, which after activation will add to your account a lot of money. The script is very useful, in this game, the money are very valuable, because they can buy a maximum level stats (Speed, Range, Power), as well as the most expensive shoes, it is very expensive, to earn it yourself need to play a lot, and the script count for a couple seconds will give you that amount of money. On this if you are a fan of the game then we advise you to use this script now, as soon its functionality can be corrected by the developers of the game.

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artenax1 artenax1

when i open cheat it opens at back ground not in gta5 and i cant use numpads (numlock off ofc)

Janryc Janryc

I am getting the same error since update "Failed to create game process..."

Tgo135 Tgo135

Add Da aimbot back love the dev so much

Please fix the trigger bot its hella bad