Pickaxe Simulator Script - Auto Mine, Equip Best Pets & More

  • Developer: Ghost-Ducky#7698
  • Status:
  • Updated: 08.09.22
  • Current version: 1.0

The first working script for the new game released a month ago under the name Pickaxe Simulator, developed in black graphical interface author Ghost-Ducky#7698, which has many cool features: Auto Mine, Equip Best Pets, Equip Best Pickaxe, Redeem All Code, Walk Speed, Jump Height, X-Ray and others. In the future, expect more scripts from other authors, perhaps the game will become popular. In a month this game was visited more than a million times, online average of about a thousand players. You can download this script for free from cheater.fun.

Free Download Pickaxe Simulator Script - Auto Mine, Equip Best Pets & More

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richardwbkr richardwbkr

I tried to inject using process hacker but failed:

Unable to inject DLL into SoTGame.exe (PID:25648): Access denied.

Can anyone help?pls.

hanyshoaib hanyshoaib

update the hack please 3.3 why take so long 

Julia00 Julia00

When you are in game:
1. Press tab to open menu and tab again to close it (you will not see cursor still but wait)
2. Without cursor try to open SETTINGS > GRAPHICS > change display mode to windowed
3. Use Alt + tab and choose genshin impact window (do it until cursor show up)
4. You can now go back to fullscreen

^ try this if just "alt+tab" dont work