Oil Warfare Tycoon Script - Inf Jump, WalkSpeed, Gun Mods

  • Developer: joper321
  • Status:
  • Updated: 19.09.22
  • Current version: 1.0

We present you a new script for Oil Warfare Tycoon, surprisingly it will be the first on our site on this game, the script is called ChillHub and developed by a man under the nickname joper321, has quite a few cool features: Gun Mods (Fire Rate, Recoil, Fire Mode, Distance), Car Mods, WalkSpeed, JumpPower, Infinite Jump and others. The game Oil Warfare Tycoon appeared on the expanses of roblox in early 2020, in that time the number of visits has exceeded 68 million, of which now online about 2000-3000, which is a good indicator of the game. The script will definitely help you in the game, we advise you to download it, available as usual for free on our website.

Free Download Oil Warfare Tycoon Script - Inf Jump, WalkSpeed, Gun Mods

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wakaflaka wakaflaka

W update best free cs2 cheat out there keep updating this cheat fr

kakk21342 kakk21342

we need an update, cs2 updated and the cheat doesn t work anymore. cheers to the dev

amirdr1388 amirdr1388

how to add offsets on game?

undetek undetek

What programs or database are needed to create a mod menu? please help

ben109 ben109

you copy the offsets and then you open the folder of the cheat, in the folder there is a file that says offsets, delete the old ones and paste the new ones, save them and youre ready