Counter Blox Remastered Script - Rage, Legit, Visuals & More

  • Developer: deadware
  • Status:
  • Updated: 20.09.22
  • Current version: 1.0

The new script on Remastered popular game Counter Blox called deadware.crack, which has a lot of features such as: Rage, Legit, Visuals and others, I hope what will be useful these features you know. For the use of this script you will not be blocked, we tried ourselves a little play with it, and all was well. Counter Blox Remastered came out about 3 months ago, during that time it was visited almost 10 million times, online in the limit of 1000 players, not quite as popular as the original Counter Blox. But still, if you play it, we advise you to download this free script, with it you will be invincible.

Free Download Counter Blox Remastered Script - Rage, Legit, Visuals & More

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    10 January 2023 19:29

    script is not working

    can you bring a new script?

  2. ikuza
    21 September 2022 14:35

    how to use?

New Comments
MrVenomPL MrVenomPL

for me it works without a problem, check with another injector or make sure you have the latest version of the cheat

Yodaddy7919 Yodaddy7919

Copy cfg.json file from akebi folder to acrepi folder before run.

Freeze4567 Freeze4567

its not working it opens the ui but when i click on the old ui it doesnt work 

camaradebaci122342323 camaradebaci122342323

the cheat is not working, crash in the inject