Murder Mystery 2: Best GUI Script

  • Developer: Dex#8822, Te1amon#2533
  • Status:
  • Updated: 05.11.22
  • Current version: 1.0

It's been a long time since the authors have released new scripts for Murder Mystery 2, and in vain, because the past ones are already outdated and some of them do not work. Today the developers Dex#8822 and Te1amon#2533 decided to please Roblox players with a new development, a great script with a graphical interface that does not require an activation key.

This script can be called the best so far, it has the most necessary features to be constantly the best in this game, among them: Aimbot, Triggerbot, Teleports, Spin Player, Block Head, ESP, Bunnyhop, Walkspeed, JumpPower, Anti AFK, Infinite Jump and many others, some of them you can see in the screenshots made by us. 

Download this script as well as all the others, you can as usual from our website for free.

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alya2003 alya2003

adding a triggerbot-head only feature would be dope ngl

shawa shawa

New Update
today the orbit console says there is an update 2024/06/13
please upload the new update

diegoungas diegoungas

how to back the aimstar\offsets folder in documents folder? idelete that folder can not back again

zuhu zuhu

im pretty sure it wasnt silent from what ive seen from unknowncheats.