• Developer: braidedace
  • Category: Roblox
  • Updated: 28.02.21
  • Current version: 28/02/2021

The Murder Mystery 2 mode was transferred to Roblox directly from Garry's Mod. It is somewhat similar to the popular mafia or Among Us, but it has its own chips. To win, players often use a cheat on Murder Mystery 2, because it significantly increases their chances.

12 people take part in the game. There is one sheriff, one killer, and ten civilians on the map. The task of the killer is to destroy all the players and not give yourself away. The sheriff must prevent the killer's actions and save the lives of the residents. Ordinary players can only complete the tasks that the game gives them.


ESP allows you to see your opponents through the walls.
TP instant movement to any point on the map.
Role is one of the most useful features that allows you to see the roles of players.
Noclip flight on the map.
Collect Coins automatically farm coins on the map.

Start instructions:

install the cheat (you should see a dll file with the script);
open the game and our cheat;
using any dll injector, insert the script and click the Execute button, thereby introducing the script into the game

Cheat for Murder Mystery 2

Download Cheat for Murder Mystery 2

Cheat for Murder Mystery 2.zip
password: 123
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  1. hackernul · User· 1 · {full_like}
    5 September 2021 16:18
    Quote: danielxdani
    41MB for one cheat...idk

    dont download
  2. electrode_kms · Cheater· 12 · {full_like}
    16 April 2021 05:32
    is virus i think because the cheat don't work

    1. alexbloblo · User· 1 · {full_like}
      2 July 2021 11:51
      it s this a virus?
  3. TheRealChickc · Cheater· 15 · {full_like}
    12 March 2021 18:39
    Actually this is completely skidded while the coin pathfinding for example was made by me, braidedace youre a big skid. also go to v3rmillion.net or robloxscripts.com 
  4. V3nus is vibing · Cheater· 9 · {full_like}
    7 March 2021 14:34
    Either go to robloxscripts.com or yt,ppl don't post roblox script here, but if they do it's usually a .exe, download krnl or omega x, or if you have a spare 15-20$ buy sentinel or synapse x (please don't use jjsploit or sirhurt), that's just a tip you do whatever you want. peace out

  5. danielxdani · User· 3 · {full_like}
    4 March 2021 18:34
    41MB for one cheat...idk