Universal Script for Roblox games: Fly, Speed & More

  • Developer: Kaoru
  • Status:
  • Updated: 12.11.22
  • Current version: 1.0

The other day a new script came out, which in our opinion has the right to be published on cheater.fun. This script is special in that it works on a lot of Roblox games, and has a couple of very useful features, namely: Fly, Speed, ESP, Chams, Spinbot and others. We tested it on some games, and all these functions really work great, thanks to the author Kaoru for this wonderful invention. Many Roblox games don't have scripts at all, so you can try to use this script, it will give you a clear advantage over other players. Also the script can be used in different FPS games, where with ESP you can see your enemies through walls and other objects.

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15thpose 15thpose

omg you want a hvh cheat but are worried about account banning and red trust factor ? r u in the right mind ?

ottotsu ottotsu

The game will crush after finished loading and upon entering. try launched in adimistrator mode, try disabled all options, tried everything, nothing works.