Tower Of Hell Script GUI: Auto Farm, Auto Buy & More

  • Developer: Shou
  • Status:
  • Updated: 25.11.22
  • Current version: 1.0

Publish on eighth script for the well-known roblox game Tower Of Hell, past scripts for this time may have become obsolete, and the authors are constantly developing new ones, for which they are grateful. This script called Shou Hub has quite a few features, such as: Auto Farm, AutoBuy Effect Box, WalkSpeed, JumpPower, BunnyHop and others, in order to know the whole list of functions we advise you personally to download and check this script. Tower of Hell game of 2018, still remains one of the most famous roblox games, the game has an anniversary soon, the mark of visits will reach 20 billion, it's a lot, and for good reason, the game is really cool.

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1233215ygh 1233215ygh

i am on 12th floor 3 chamber no ban but 100 x damage can crash so use 40-50


i have been using Trigger and ESP for a few weeks now and no Vac ban. Just dont be Obvious

ayayayaya123 ayayayaya123

Start the game, be IN THE MATCH, tabout and then start it.

Play on windows BORDERLESS screen, NO FULLSCREEN.