Naval Warfare Roblox Script: God Mode, Teleports & More

  • Developer: hussain
  • Status:
  • Updated: 02.01.23
  • Current version: 1.0

Dear visitors, Happy New Year to you! This year we promise you to release even more scripts for everyone's favorite game Roblox. Today for the first time on our site we publish the script for Naval Warfare, the game is quite popular, so it has the right to be on our site. The script has a graphical interface, called Naval Warfare HUB, who is his author unfortunately we do not know, but it has enough functions, among them are: Infinite Ammo, Rapid Fire, Loop Kill Enemies, God Mode, RPG Aura, Infinite Yield and teleport to different places on the map, which are you can see in the screenshot below. If you were looking for the Naval Warfare script then we advise you to choose this one, it works great and will help you.

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ian167 ian167

hello. i just got an update now. should i use minty? will it be safe? or should i wait for next updated minty?

luuug-waaa luuug-waaa

I think bro give up on this one , sad ;(

Flipk45 Flipk45

It's working, but the mouse is laggy asf. It's like the raw imput is off

MiaAce MiaAce

not working because of the injector gets detected