PLS DONATE Script 2023: Auto Thanks, Auto Beg & More

  • Developer: szze#6220
  • Status:
  • Updated: 25.01.23
  • Current version: 1.0

Finally script developers reached this year to the game PLS DONATE, this is so far the only working script in 2023 for this game, perhaps the script that we have added previously outdated no longer work, so today's script is worth your attention. The script has a graphical interface and the most necessary functions: Auto Thanks, Auto Beg, Webhook, Text Update, Auto Server Hop and others. Besides, the script is automatically updated and you don't have to download it repeatedly. Thanks to the developer szze#6220 for not embedding Key System in the script and publishing it for free, the script is available for download on our website.

Free Download PLS DONATE Script 2023: Auto Thanks, Auto Beg & More

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  1. Martanek__
    25 January 2023 21:11

    How can i download?

    1. MellifiedJade
      MellifiedJade · cloudedei
      26 January 2023 09:53

      Big blue button that says "Download" and "password: 123" should be a ZIP file to extract.

New Comments
saadbc43 saadbc43

yeah its true , but the owner of this cheat doesnt want to give us the cheat for free 

saadbc43 saadbc43

can someone just write the key here , and let us be , this is annoying man

bahomoz10 bahomoz10

my friend send me his key, and i tried the cheat and it's worked.

Ole-Andreas Karlsen Ole-Andreas Karlsen

Whats the button for the menu. ive tried to inject with Sunset, however it says injected succseed, but idont know how to open the actual hack menu.