Build A Boat For Treasure Script: Auto Farm GUI

  • Developer: batus
  • Status:
  • Updated: 01.02.23
  • Current version: 1.0

Since last August, we haven't published scripts for the roblox game Build A Boat For Treasure, either they weren't too functional or they didn't work. These days batus developed a new script for Build A Boat For Treasure, which has a Graphical User Interface and features like this: Auto Farm, Auto Farm Speed, Auto Open Chest, Walkspeed, JumpPower and others. The most important function of this script is Auto Farm, it will help you get to the end of the adventure and earn a lot of gold. If you were looking for a Build A Boat For Treasure script then we advise you to use this one, as the previous scripts are already outdated and some of them may not work anymore.

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aaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccc aaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccc

"Neutron Injector | VAC Bypass | CS:GO-Only Injector"... no more words

zuhu zuhu

rcs/recoil control, makes it easier to controll the recoil when spraying.

nifuji nifuji

gotta say one of the best hsr cheat that i have tried so far. NGL

lokopjoh lokopjoh

Did you used 4.1 or the newest 4.2? Also, smoke color and aimbot functions are injecting and will get you banned.