Sword Simulator Roblox Script: Auto Farm, Egg Farm & More

  • Developer: Maxeyy
  • Status:
  • Updated: 23.03.23
  • Current version: 1.0

Since last year cheater.fun did not see scripts and hacks on roblox game Sword Simulator, and here the other day the author Maxeyy released a new script with a beautiful graphical interface and these features: Auto Farm, Anti Fall, Noclip, Auto Claim Rewards, Anti AFK, Egg Farm and others. Sword Simulator is an interesting mode with 32 million hits and an online audience of about 1 thousand people. Updates to it are released regularly. Sword Simulator is an RPG with an elaborate world. It looks very nice, and a nice soundtrack plays in the background. The map has a variety of mobs, interesting places and unique weapons. Fights with enemies are accompanied by effects that make them especially interesting and attractive. If you have been looking for a new free script on Sword Simulator, then we advise you to choose this one.

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HolyZhidusNT HolyZhidusNT

Have a problem with inject,it says im trying to inject a 32-bit DLL into 64-bit process which is not supported


is it undetected? or should i use only for hvh servers?

JoshPartner Jos JoshPartner Jos

i fixed the AttributeError: 'BetterCam' object has no attribute 'is_capturing'  anyone want help

alexrest_ alexrest_

got same error, did the bettercam command but still getting the error