KAT Roblox Cheat: Silent Aim, ESP, FOV & More

  • Developer: Podroka626#3438
  • Status:
  • Updated: 31.03.23
  • Current version: 1.0

Have you been waiting for the new roblox cheat KAT (Knife Ability Test)? We're going to introduce it to you now. Cheat has a black user-friendly graphical interface developed by the author Podroka626#3438, by functions all the most necessary: Silent Aim, FOV, ESP, Server Hop, JumpPower, Anti AFK and others. Cheat will help solve some problems in the game that without it will be difficult to perform. KAT is a multiplayer game in which players use knives to defeat their opponents. The game features different game modes, maps, and knives to choose from. If you like multiplayer games and you like the idea of knife battles, you should check out this game.

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  1. epic pass
    1 April 2023 23:27

    how use?

    1. Fender
      Fender · Vanced#2806
      3 April 2023 09:05