Palia PC MultiHack - OriginPalia

  • Developer: Wimberton
  • Status:
  • Updated: 11.06.24
  • Current version: 2.7.0

Palia PC MultiHack - OriginPalia

Are there any fans of the new MMORPG game called Palia among the visitors of You will not believe it, this game has already developed a hack, thanks to the author Wimberton you will have access to additional features such as: Trees Esp, Mining Esp, Hunting Esp, Glider Fall Speed, Glider Speed, Climbing Speed, Jump Velocity, Walking Speed and others. All ESP variants have a customizable color, all of them are individual, except for the trees, which have a common color for the Small/Med/Large varieties. Collaboration trees have a separate color. Don't get too attached to them, they don't save yet.

The Best Palia PC Hack 2024

Palia is an MMO-simulator of society in a large open fantasy world from Singularity 6 studio. According to the idea, humanity disappeared thousands of years ago at the peak of its greatness and magic, but one day people reappeared and began to "awaken" from their sleep without memory of the past. Now they must once again embark on the difficult path of development. Players can create and customize characters, and then set out to explore territories, build houses, get to know their fellow humans and much more.

Palia Hack 2024 Download Free

How to use:

Use any working injector that supports the Palia game

INSERT or FN+INS - Toggle the menu open/closed (or use the X button on the menu)


- ESP & Visuals:
Enable ESP (enable or disable drawing ESPs in-game)
Limit ESP Distance (change the distance in which ESPs will show)
Show unclassified entities (shows potentially unnamed or unmapped entities. Good for getting more from updates etc)

- Aimbots & Fun:
Silent Aimbot (within ~25-30m or shots won't teleport and validate)
Legacy Aimbot (work-in-progress / camera boom angle changes when aiming. Working on predictive angle offsetting during this bow transition)
Aim Smoothing slider (makes your aim less sticky. Easier to target other animals)
Aim Offset Adjustment draggable grid (should help adjust the issue with bow aiming camera boom changes for now)
Enable FOV Circle (FOV circle with advanced targeting functionality based on entity scoring)
Teleport To Targeted entity (bottom side mouse button)
Avoid teleporting to players (safeguard for avoiding teleportation to player entities)
Avoid teleporting when players are near (safeguard for potentially exposing your cheat to others.)
Teleport Dropped Loot To Player (automatically teleport all dropped loot to your player to gather)

- Movement & Teleportation:
Enable NoClip (fly around the map without restrictions. Hooks your WASD keys for movement)
Teleport to map waypoint (Instantly teleport to your map waypoint for faster traversal)
Selectable Movement Modes (Walking, Flying, Fly No Collision) (another way to mess with your movement types)
Global Game Speed input (changes your global game speed [timescale mod])
Walk Speed input (change the speed of your player walking. Has issues above "high")
Climbing Speed input (change the speed of your player climbing. Should work all the way)
Gliding Speed input (change the speed of your player gliding. Haven't noticed any issues)
Gliding Fall Speed input (set this to "none" for 1.0 gliding fall speed. Glide forever and get where you want)
Jump Velocity input (change the jump height of your player)
Step Height input (change the step height of your player. Step over massive walls and such)

- Selling & Items:
Quick Sell Items interface (sell preset or custom amounts of items from your inventory slots)

- Fishing Settings:
Enable Instant Fishing (force end fishing when your bobber hits the water)
Perfect Catch option (choose whether your catch was perfect or not every time)
Enable Fast Fishing (Automatically re-cast your fishing rod, with the option for left-click requirement or fully autonomous)
Instant Sell All Fish (Automatically sell all fish from every inventory slot. Open a shop once for this to work)
Discard Non-Fish (Automatically discard non-fish items from your inventory when fishing. Open a shop once for this to work)
Open Waterlogged Chests (Automatically opens all waterlogged chests and sends the item to your home storage during fishing)
Start and End Rod Health sliders (customize the total health of your fishing rod)
Start and End Fish Health sliders (customize the total health of the fish when caught)
Capture and override fishing spot options (capture and fish from any previous fishing pool)

- Locations & Coordinates:
Display current coordinates (use these coordinates to perform certain actions)
List of teleport locations (a good list of easily teleportable locations to efficiently perform tasks such as shopping, repairing, etc)
Custom coordinate input (enter or get custom coordinates to perform certain actions)
Buttons for teleport actions (teleport home, to locations, and other actions)

- Housing Features:
Place housing objects anywhere (decorate your house anyway you'd like)


Standalone Client

Steam Client


Game Version 1.180.1

Cheat Version 2.7.0



Updated to support the latest Palia (1.180.1) Update for Steam & Standalone
Minor naming changes to the UI Tabs
Added More Toggle all ESP Buttons
Added ore ESP despawn timer displays (Rambolo)

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  1. Weishy7759
    11 June 2024 04:14

    no longer works after update 

  2. StuRoK8
    5 May 2024 08:41

    it crashes my game as soon as I inject it with CheatEngine.

    Is this outdated?

    Hope for a fix soon, thank you

  3. asnawi96
    3 May 2024 13:47

    Why does my game keep crashing after injecting the dll? Im using the standalone version and already change the graphic from dirext 12 to 11.

  4. ABOALIx
    22 April 2024 19:23

    what injector use?

  5. morqsyy
    9 February 2024 20:23

    works, thank you very much for new update, love u  ❤️ 

    1. penkor
      13 February 2024 01:40

      what injector you use?

    2. ABOALIx
      22 April 2024 19:22

      what injector you use?

  6. Sonokai47
    7 November 2023 21:54

    stopped working, update and technical work 11/07/2023

  7. 56frkn56
    1 September 2023 21:09

    they fixed can u have any solution?

    1. JohGus
      8 September 2023 05:40
      Mine was working too, now it stopped, it's crashing! If you have a solution, please let me know.

  8. noluspolus
    1 September 2023 20:01

    worked yesterday. now unreal crash. ECEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

  9. nearhoshinova
    30 August 2023 12:16

    bruh need injector for inject dll

  10. popopepe
    26 August 2023 11:06

    The menu doesn't pop up for me.
    Cheat Engine v 7.5
    Palia Hack v 1.3.2

    What I do:

    • Load into Palia, I'm in the world (not Main Menu)
    • Open CE, click File -> Open Process -> Applications -> Palia -> Open
    • Memory View
    • Tools -> Inject DLL -> click the DLL -> open

      Am I doing something wrong or is it just a bug or smth?

  11. LOXXER
    20 August 2023 21:15

    where i can find a injector for palia and what is the bind plz ?

  12. peitocaca1213
    20 August 2023 03:20

    where do i put the dll file? and how to open menu?

  13. namyang ju
    18 August 2023 19:03

    how to open menu?

    1. Freedom Rp MPB
      25 August 2023 06:12


New Comments
ian167 ian167

hello. i just got an update now. should i use minty? will it be safe? or should i wait for next updated minty?

luuug-waaa luuug-waaa

I think bro give up on this one , sad ;(

Flipk45 Flipk45

It's working, but the mouse is laggy asf. It's like the raw imput is off

MiaAce MiaAce

not working because of the injector gets detected