MelonLoader > ESP | Fullbright Mode | Basic informations | Active Missions

  • Developer: Crassmaker
  • Status:
  • Updated: 22.12.20
  • Current version: 22/12/2020
A new Working melonloader hack on the popular online game Phasmophobia. With this hack, you will be able to dominate the game Phasmophobia and thereby earn a large number of points and fame. Have fun with your friends and other players using more features thanks to The melonloader Phasmophobia hack.

A large number of functions and convenient operation. For example, you can find here such functionality as: ESP a function with which you will see all players through the walls on the map, a function about basic information about the Ghost (Ghost name / type / state, reacts to), Fullbright Mode, Your own sanity, Add / remove experience / money and many other functions.

Use this hack, it is completely free and constantly updated. Don't miss the updates on our website :)

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  1. JerryChili
    30 December 2020 13:46
    Where do I put the .dll file?

  2. bruhmomentosnumero
    28 December 2020 23:33
    is there a tutorial on how to install this?

  3. MrEdi
    26 December 2020 22:23
    it really works for me

    1. LJI
      27 December 2020 12:27
      what injector?

    2. bebras
      1 January 2021 00:09
      its a lie nigga

      1. phasbruh
        5 January 2021 04:20
        your an idiot you need melonloader it works fine lol you just need to find the OP on unknowncheats as this is outdated af

  4. AstroK
    24 December 2020 03:31
    I feel like there should be some kind of notifier in place that the Melonloader you find on their website doesn't work for Phasmophobia and won't. That's (probably) why most people are experiencing issues with this not working. I haven't tried it, but there is a fixed version of Melon on UnkownCheats somewhere.

    23 December 2020 20:31
    Doesnt work

  6. Nostra xit
    22 December 2020 14:59
    this cheat no work

    1. WaduFin
      22 December 2020 19:29
      do you have beta?

New Comments
zuhu zuhu

make sure u use a program that can extract it that is not files explorer seeing it doesnt have the function to fill in a password

tonq tonq

is it safe or will I get vac ?

George256781 George256781

Bro when I download it I am going to extract the files and says Interrupted error I dont know what to do someone please help me