Free External Cheat for Rainbow Six - Overlay ESP

  • Developer: SurgeGotTapped
  • Status:
  • Updated: 15.10.21
  • Current version: source code
This is an open source External hack for the R6S game that is available to everyone for free. Want to play Rainbow Six using cheats? then this is especially for you.

Free External Cheat for Rainbow Six

External R6S Cheat ESP Free

With this source code from the developer SurgeGotTapped you can create your own cheat with features such as Overlay ESP:Corner/Box, Filled Box, Healthbar. With this hack, you can know about the location of your enemies in advance, they will be highlighted in squares and thus will be displayed through the textures on the map, in other words, you can see your enemies through the walls on the map.


Free Download Free External Cheat for Rainbow Six - Overlay ESP

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  1. r1xfr1sg
    8 June 2022 23:05

    send compiled version please: r1xelf#1636

  2. kalterKakao21
    13 November 2021 23:43

    how do i activate  the cheat?


  3. bluneek
    25 October 2021 20:48

    I will compile this file for you, and send you a ready file with bypass for only 1$.
    Write to me on discord:  Klauxe#2479

  4. EinzBibaKeks
    21 October 2021 20:09

    need help with creating this my Dc is: MeisterInpotenz#5448

  5. Reepz
    15 October 2021 20:50

    I need help creating this cheat and making it undetected please help us/me

  6. ljbarnes
    15 October 2021 18:55

    Message me if u got Compiled version o:

  7. EySwag
    EySwag · DaGoose#8721
    15 October 2021 17:59

    if anyone has a compiled version please message me.

    1. UnknownCode
      15 October 2021 19:04
      I can compile it but it doesn't have any bypass. If you can teach me how me how to bypass that would be appreciated.

      1. grqqeqw
        19 October 2021 01:04
        Send me please compiled version on @mail

  8. UnknownCode
    15 October 2021 17:08

    Does anyone have the time to teach me how to make this undetected?

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Cartita100 Cartita100

Where can i buy the full version with aimbot 

nnntmord nnntmord

help i can't make CompPkgSup.dll 

misyali misyali

Hello, i recommend cheats for faceit, personally using it more then 6 months no ban

YousefTamerX2 YousefTamerX2

Crashes when loading configs ?
Didn't happen before