Rainbow Six Siege - AFK Farm Bot (BattlePass Farm)

  • Developer: SmileyP
  • Status:
  • Updated: 10.05.22
  • Current version: V7.21

A new free cheat for Rainbow Six Siege with AFK Farm Bot function, which you can download and use to farm a lot of glory points, levels or BattlePass. This is a very easy farm bot to use and farming using is extremely easy if you follow the instructions. This software should be used when you are not doing anything at your computer, for example when you walk or sleep, you can leave it on overnight and get the results in the morning.


  • This Bot can Play every Mode!
  • The Bot has 2 Modes.
  • Mode: Human - He can do everything but not kill.
  • Mode: AFK - The Bot looks like your AFK.

  • Random Positions to Click (for Buttons)
  • Movement
  • Use Ability
  • Able to change the Map in T-Hunt
  • Show the Bot actions
  • Choose only Doc
  • Make a Pause between Games (Looks like a Human)
  • Run the Game without Battleye
  • Can Run in Borderless/Fullscreen Game window Mode
  • (Bot is Programmed in AHK)

How to use

  1. Download and unpack the archive, run the afk bot "R6 AFK BOT.exe" as an administrator.
  2. Select the mode and start the farming process.

Free Download Rainbow Six Siege - AFK Farm Bot (BattlePass Farm)

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  1. monsterandrew05
    12 May 2022 06:37

    screenshot from blood orchid? nice one

    1. bodhi20
      Real Cheater
      bodhi20 · zuhuinc
      12 May 2022 08:13

      it is off older game version but the pic isn't the right game version
      but google the name it has or google the makers name and you'll find more info about it

  2. cgfhater2
    10 May 2022 15:20

    There it is the next "How to get banned - Speedrun" tool. Dope!

New Comments
sumire15 sumire15

Not showing genshin impact application in executable how to fix this? thanks

Jerome de sweat Jerome de sweat

Rofus if i open your link i dont have acces but ive got a question if i open the start.bat it opens i see rofus 1.7 and BAM it closes what do i need to do?

Rofus Rofus

pip install bettercam 

use pip install on every error you get

Rofus Rofus

reply here and i will help you: https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/fortnite/612707-fortnite-ai-aimbot-aimassist

Rofus Rofus