Tower of Fantasy - Table for Cheat Engine + ByPass

  • Developer: vosszaa
  • Status:
  • Updated: 18.09.22
  • Current version: 1.5

Tower of Fantasy - Table for Cheat Engine

Available for download the actual cheat table for Cheat Engine for the game Tower of Fantasy. This is a free cheat with lots of features, easy controls and open source table. If you are a fan of Cheat Engine, this table is perfect for your requirements in the game Tower of Fantasy. Using this cheat you will be able to enable god mode, activate flight, enable infinite supplies, disable reloading and more. A full list of features is available below. 

The cheat will be updated for each game update, functionality will be improved and more. Subscribe to the news, so you will not miss the current version of the cheat sheet for ToF.

ToF Cheat Table features:

God Mode

Freeze Mobs

No Fall DMG

Skill No Cooldown

Quick Weapon Change

Inf. Ammo

No Reload/Recharge

Player Stats (Press C before edit)

Physical Attack

Flame Attack

Frost Attack

Volt Attack

Superpower Attack


Critical Damage %

Critical Rate %

Health/Hit Points


Endurance Regen %

Physical Resistance

Flame Resistance

Frost Resistance

Volt Resistance

Superpower Resistance

Attack Speed (Melee Only)

Burst Attack Speed (Melee+Ranged)

Game Speed hack (Player)

Game Speed hack (World)

Walk Speed hack

Crouch Speed hack

Swim Speed hack

Inf. Dodge

Inf. Jump (Spam Spacebar)

Fly/Floating (X=ON, Shift=OFF)

Player Gravity

Field Of View

Player Size



Player Level (use with caution)

How to bypass anticheat ToF:

1. Go to %windir%/System32/drivers

2. Delete the file ksophon_x64.sys

3. Create a copy of null.sys and rename the copy to ksophon_x64.sys

4. Set ksophon_x64.sys to read only in the file properties

5. Copy the ksophon_x64.sys file you just created and paste it into GameDir/Hotta/Binaries/Win64. Replace it when prompted

Now you will have ksophon_x64.sys in two places

How to use Cheat Table ToF:

Download the current Cheat Engine from the official website (

Open the QRSL.ct file

Click the PC icon in the Cheat Engine to select the gameplay.

Keep the list.

Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1.

Free Download Tower of Fantasy - Table for Cheat Engine + ByPass

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  1. Arthurfogo7
    18 December 2022 04:18

    It isn't working anymore, even after attaching the process. It shows this "<<module not found:QRSL.exe>>

  2. markoj2302
    15 November 2022 00:15

    what is the password for the zip file?

  3. Gabryella
    28 October 2022 08:15

    update please. 

  4. bobbbtan
    8 October 2022 07:15

    can this be used in bygone/sequential?

  5. kenjizx
    4 October 2022 16:28

    im having a issue with bypass lmk if someone know how to fix

  6. Gabryella
    15 September 2022 19:13

    Really what these hack users are commenting on the cheat engine+29 hack is true, I tried to start the hack and then the game even modifying the .sys that is in the discretion, the hack +29 is not capturing the game it's as if this one didn't work in global, sometimes it works in chinese but I only use global. 

    who knows how to do this, please send me a private message that as soon as the notification arrives on my profile and I'm on I will respond, but I'm already warning you, don't tell me that you have to remove .sys and paste .sys because I I've done this like 3 times.

    sorry but I'm going to give it a go until the hack works again then I like it again. 

  7. redx12
    11 September 2022 23:47

    not working loading...

    add dupe matrices like other cheats, 


  8. redx12
    11 September 2022 23:09

    still not working

    add dupe matrices


  9. Ra7aL
    11 September 2022 11:12

    only LOADING  😥  not work the new 29 

    only 22 work

    1. Hoverzxc
      11 September 2022 11:30

      where did you get 22? can you send me a link?

  10. Hoverzxc
    10 September 2022 14:32


    1. Ra7aL
      11 September 2022 11:10

      me to only old work this new up not working

  11. irezumi94
    10 September 2022 10:52

    player stat doesn't work just visuals

  12. enadzzz
    7 September 2022 10:44

    what is "Weapon Dupe" ? 

    1. BaxOne
      10 September 2022 12:25

      i like to know that too

  13. shadowside
    7 September 2022 00:16


  14. mitocondriaBr
    3 September 2022 07:00

    Working perfectly 😍

    1. trungkthp
      3 September 2022 08:53

      how to use it bro

      1. mitocondriaBr
        4 September 2022 00:20

        I just did the same as in the description above and it worked

    2. fking3s
      4 September 2022 10:42

      what is the rar password?

  15. jarwok23
    1 September 2022 15:43

    make the update please

  16. beepboopindahouse
    Real Cheater
    31 August 2022 17:41

    It is working? 

  17. KrondaliX
    31 August 2022 12:57

    It crashes almost always. Well, the bypass works fine so i will do my own cheat table.

  18. sunandi
    31 August 2022 09:10

    I cannot checking the box why ?

    1. akiyamaaoi
      7 September 2022 20:51

      same problem for me

New Comments

calm bro if you dont like it you can search for another cheats ! easy <3

nutela_bose nutela_bose

i keep getting the error "46 - Error: Problem getting flash information."
anyone know if im doing something wrong or if theres a fix?

kingdog123 kingdog123

stupid well deserve. your stupidness is high off the roof

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