• Developer: FLiNG
  • Category: Trainers
  • Updated: 02.08.20
  • Current version: [1.0 - 1.10]

Do you like to play Tropico 6? How about a free trainer for Tropico 6 with 13 unique features that will improve your game statistics and allow you to quickly complete the game. Use this free trainer and you will be able to get: endless money, rapid population growth, maximum support and much more.

Numpad 1: Infinite money
Numpad 2: Rapid population growth
Numpad 3: Maximum support
Numpad 4: Maximum working efficiency
Numpad 5: Extend the mandate for one year
Numpad 6: Add 10,000 knowledge points
Numpad 7: Add 10,000 RAID points
Numpad 8: Add 100k to a Swiss Bank
Numpad 9: Rich citizens
Numpad 0: Educated citizens
Numpad .: Remove crime
F1: money multiplier
F2: the factor of efficiency in the working
Tropico 6 - Trainer

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