• Developer: MrAntiFun
  • Category: Trainers
  • Updated: 17.11.20
  • Current version: Unknown

trainer for the game Phasmophobia
Cheat trainer for the game Phasmophobia you can download from our website. Great trainer if you want more features in the game Phasmophobia. A lot of additional features that will make the game much more interesting and you can play your friends. The trainer is controlled using the Wmod program, which is very convenient and safe.

During the game process, click on the necessary keys (which can be edited) and get the desired result.

It may work on the pirated version of the game.
Phasmophobia - Trainer

Download Phasmophobia - Trainer

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  1. vaskepaas1 · Real Cheater· 130 · error · Xghost12S#0001
    13 May 2021 19:03


  2. Matikipinol · Cheater· 11 · error
    7 April 2021 17:28
    Link got deleted from mega
  3. DumiSky25 · User· 1 · error
    16 December 2020 21:21
    to unlock menu you need to pay... wtff dude is cheats why you want to pay him to use 
  4. KeepCalmMichael · Real Cheater· 28 · error · FeelsDeadMan#2863
    27 November 2020 16:26
    Its only WeMod