• Developer: Ralkey
  • Category: Among Us
  • Updated: 09.11.20
  • Current version: 1.0.0

This is the guide to get Free pets and other DLC items in the game Among Us. (you won't unlock them but you can use them)
this also works server sided so your friends also see this.

* An Excel spreadsheet viewer is needed to view this file
* A text editor of some kind (which you most likely have)

have fun with your pets :D
Among Us Guide | Free Pets & DLC Items

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  1. GooseBoiHasKnife · Real Cheater· 159 · error · ZBPX.rl#9552
    10 December 2020 03:06
    The cracked version is probably a virus it has a lot of dislikes be careful
  2. 5Sc0pe · Real Cheater· 40 · error
    9 November 2020 20:04
    or just download the cracked version... it makes the game free and gives you all items instantly you can download it here https://mega.nz/fm/jZkxGK4I. i think that you should post this on unkknowncheats.me, its a community where you can talk with other programmers and cheaters 
    1. Thesofthard_96 · Cheater· 14 · error
      10 November 2020 22:50
      yep, got all skins / pets from the cracked version.