Among Us Ocean (Legit Tools)

  • Developer: thelordgermany
  • Status:
  • Updated: 08.12.20
  • Current version: v1.4

among us hacks free

You can download a simple cheat script for the game Among Us (Legit Tools) for free. If you want to play an honest game Among Us, but use small opportunities to improve the game, then use this working legal tool. With this program, you can: change the number of impostors between 1-3, change the map and change your pet.

The cheat works on the current version 12.5 (Steam).

The cheat was not tested on the version of NoSteam.

It won't work on mobile devices!!!

It is external, so it's good for those who don't want to use Cheat Engine / inject a DLL.

Free Download Among Us Ocean (Legit Tools)

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  1. UrtaresOS
    Real Cheater
    12 April 2021 17:52
    Hi guys! This file deleted. But you can install this hack from unknowncheats:

  2. konya42
    Real Cheater
    9 December 2020 13:34
    nice cheat!

  3. GooseBoiHasKnife
    Real Cheater
    GooseBoiHasKnife · GooseWithAKnife#9552
    9 December 2020 03:01
    Do you need host???

  4. almirant
    Real Cheater
    8 December 2020 14:02
    sweet for setting up matches

New Comments
alya2003 alya2003

adding a triggerbot-head only feature would be dope ngl

shawa shawa

New Update
today the orbit console says there is an update 2024/06/13
please upload the new update

diegoungas diegoungas

how to back the aimstar\offsets folder in documents folder? idelete that folder can not back again

zuhu zuhu

im pretty sure it wasnt silent from what ive seen from unknowncheats.