• Developer: coderbox1
  • Category: Among Us
  • Updated: 27.11.21
  • Current version: 2021.11.9.5s

You can download the current and working cheat for the online game Among Us (Steam) from our website. This is a small cheat with good functionality with which you can use more game features in the game, thereby dominating the game rooms.

among us hack 2021 steam version
For example, there are functions such as:

  • Player Sort/Imposter view
  • Imposter Vision
  • Vent Always
  • Game Settings Hacker(Lobby)

To run it, you will need the Cheat Engine program

The cheat is safe, you will not get banned in the game

It was tested and works perfectly on the current version of the game Steam Among Us v2021.11.9.5s.

Among Us Hack for Steam version 2021

Download Among Us Hack for Steam version 2021

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  1. Xicrete · Cheater· 7 · error · fu#3702
    12 November 2021 13:19

    It is detected

  2. TableIkea · User· 1 · error
    31 October 2021 00:04

    Can someone explain how to use it with Cheat engine please


  3. Niilozza · User· 1 · error
    25 July 2021 20:20

    How do you use it?


  4. DanM001 · User· 1 · error
    18 July 2021 03:39

    It is detected. You will get banned

  5. YASHAR V1 · Real Cheater· 19 · error · ! Yashar#0001
    17 July 2021 15:48

    Well,good cheat,remember to use bypass

  6. GooseBoiHasKnife · Real Cheater· 159 · error · ZBPX.rl#9552
    16 July 2021 23:57