• Developer: BaconToaster
  • Category: Bloodhunt
  • Updated: 02.11.21
  • Current version: Unknown

A second free and working hack for Bloodhunt is available on our website. This is a simple Internal cheat with good functionality ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, NoRecoil.

Bloodhunt Internal Hack

Bloodhunt Aimbot, ESP

If you want to dominate like a vampire in the game Bloodhunt, then this cheat was created especially for you. You will be able to shoot absolutely accurately using the Aimbot function, you will not need to aim and hold the weapon, it will be enough to shoot and the function will do everything for you. Additionally, using the visual functions of ESP, you will see everyone through any fence on the map, such as walls.

How to use:

1. Close the game and go to your bloodhunt directory. From there navigate into Tiger\Binaries\Win64\AntiCheatExpert\SGuard\x64 and delete the three .exe files (SGuard64.exe, SGuardSvc64.exe and SGuardUpdate64.exe)
2. Start the game
3. Launch the injector
4. Have fun!
The dll file and the injector have to be in the same directory.
Bloodhunt Internal Hack - ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, NoRecoil

Download Bloodhunt Internal Hack - ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, NoRecoil

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  1. RuSoroka · Cheater· 5 · error · Soroka#2374
    12 November 2021 20:45

    I do not advise using this cheat. Due to the anti-cheat shutdown, the ban comes in a day.

  2. zOpen · Cheater· 9 · error
    3 November 2021 01:35

    My friends, enter my discord i have free blood hunt and rogue company cheats



  3. Skrylor · User· 2 · error
    2 November 2021 21:04

    The "How to use" is outdatet and the pictures also you just run the injector with admin in the lobby and start hacking

  4. DOSratcheats.run · User· 1 · error
    2 November 2021 13:28

    now it does not work anymore because when you delete the antivirus of the game, an error appears in the game and the game only closes



  5. DBB · User· 1 · error
    30 October 2021 21:28

    Ask the author to update. Bloodhunt has been updated. Bloodhunt and hack are not available. You can add some bullet tracking. Now there is no detection and will not cause a title, but this hack is great

  6. Logan_Y3 · User· 1 · error
    22 October 2021 21:29

    An Error comes up when I delete the Anticheat exe´s.

  7. Kerax · User· 1 · error
    16 October 2021 03:35

    how close the menu

    1. KingosWolfos · User· 2 · error
      17 October 2021 15:28
      INS on your keyboard INSERT
  8. mimec · User· 2 · error
    15 October 2021 19:24

    It works well but the aimbot angel goes bad and if it can improve so that there are no fps drops and the ping does not go up so much it would be better and put so that the lives of the players come out and the silent aimbot fails a lot, But everything else is very good

  9. imjustotaku · Cheater· 18 · error
    15 October 2021 14:15

    i got crashed as soon as the game started.