Bloodhunt New Cheat | Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack + Injector

  • Developer: Breach27
  • Status:
  • Updated: 18.10.21
  • Current version: Unknown

Free working cheat without ban for playing Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is available on our website. Bloodhunt New Cheat - Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack + Injector.

Bloodhunt New Cheat

An up-to-date cheat for the Bloodhunt game with constant updates and with its own injector. At the moment this cheat is 100% safe, I used it for two days and didn't get banned. By using this hack you get the following Aimbot and ESP features. With the help of these functions, you will see your enemies through the textures on the map, and you will also shoot much more accurately without recoil of the weapon.

How to use Bloodhunt cheat

  1. Download the cheat from our site (the archive will contain the cheat + injector itself)
  2. Launch the Bloodhunt game
  3. Run the injector and inject the cheat with it
  4. Open the menu with the INSERT (INS) key
  5. Enjoy :)

Free Download Bloodhunt New Cheat | Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack + Injector

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  1. RuSoroka
    RuSoroka · rusoroka
    31 October 2021 15:44

    Does not work, crash on startup


  2. Geekplay
    31 October 2021 14:23

    on le mes ou le fichier dll car je trouve pas

  3. NCmystic
    NCmystic · OddM4#0299
    24 October 2021 06:24

    The cheat works great, the only issue is that it crashes the game all the time. Im on winver 20h2


  4. erikas1557
    23 October 2021 11:14

    driver could not initialize it says

  5. MussLossRex
    22 October 2021 18:15

    Works for me fine no problems and ud

    Winver : 1909

  6. makeitateamplay
    20 October 2021 12:14

    it was working but now it just crash every game about 8 minutes in or so ;/


  7. fantazja
    19 October 2021 22:04

    shit, game crash every 10 minutes 


    Quote: kimovech

    not working!!!

    full screen mode must be turned off

  8. gospodbog47
    19 October 2021 14:35

    for wich winvers does it works?

  9. kimovech
    18 October 2021 16:15

    not working!!!

    1. zuhu
      zuhu · zuhuinc
      18 October 2021 20:30
      it should work just fine atleast for me it works just fine

      1. imjustotaku
        19 October 2021 16:22
        it say for me Driver Could Not Initilize any way you know i can fix it?

New Comments
ian167 ian167

hello. i just got an update now. should i use minty? will it be safe? or should i wait for next updated minty?

luuug-waaa luuug-waaa

I think bro give up on this one , sad ;(

Flipk45 Flipk45

It's working, but the mouse is laggy asf. It's like the raw imput is off

MiaAce MiaAce

not working because of the injector gets detected