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Borderlands 3 - Simple Hack free

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  • Status: UNDETECTED
  • Version: v1.6 [13/01/2020]
  • Developer: ummbop
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  • Comments: 5
  • Last update date: 13-01-2020, 08:51

Hi! Your attention is a new free working cheat on the new game Borderlands 3, which was released recently, and you can already download free cheats for it. Do you want to complete levels much faster or record video guides? With a free hack on Borderlands 3 will be much easier. There are many functions that are controlled by a convenient menu hack. For example, using this menu, you can adjust the accuracy of the weapon, remove the recoil and scatter bullets from weapons, make your character the maximum level of health and armor, as well as make the total amount of ammunition that will be equal to 999999. These and other features you will be able to try out on their own, run and configure is very simple. See the full list of functions and instructions under the entry. Attention! The hack was not tested in co-op, so use it at your own risk in this mode.

Freeze health & shield at max value
Set health & shield to 999999
Freeze ammo at max value
Set ammo to 999999
Rapid fire
No spread
No recoil
Perfect accuracy
Edit damage
Edit projectiles
Edit skill timers - time/max time/regen rate
Vehicle options - set vehicle health to max/set vehicle boost to max
Edit currency - cash/eridium/goldkeys
Edit backpack

At main menu or while ingame run BL3 Inject.exe



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  1. SkyLacex REAL CHEATER 187 62 5 October 2019 18:06
    thanks man u are the best <3
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  2. nanak REAL CHEATER 56 15 29 September 2019 08:40
    paid games and cheat?
    well i geuss 0iq well do it
    real mother fukin' G
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    1. Trustii CHEATER 9 4 23 January 2020 23:16
      U have 0IQ m8, BL3 doesnt have an anti-cheat u fking retard
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  3. Corsair REAL CHEATER 48 2 28 September 2019 18:32
    Just why...
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    1. KATE ADMINISTRATOR 171 5080 28 September 2019 18:41
      hack site, bro
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