Cheat - ESP, Aimbot, No recoil

  • Developer: Balerino
  • Status:
  • Updated: 18.10.18
  • Current version: v0.9 [10/18/18]
Our cheat continues to delight you with delicious cheats on the browser game and today is no exception. Today we are pleased to bring to your attention a new worker, and most importantly a free cheat for with three necessary functions: Aimbot, Wallhack (ESP) and No recoil. Each of these features are interconnected, giving you full control of the game. I would like to talk about each function separately.

Wallhack (ESP) function will add paint to your game, of course it's not in the literal sense. All players will be highlighted with colored quadratics, which you can see behind various obstacles on the map. Simply put with the Wallhack (ESP) feature you will be able to see through walls.

Function Aimbot and No recoil not without reason I describe these functions separately, because they are interconnected. Thanks to Aimbot function your bullets from the weapon will be directed straight to the head of the opponent, and thanks to No recoil function your weapon will have no return.

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  1. yuneedmyname2
    15 August 2019 16:13
    no krunker hacks?

  2. bennyboi
    25 November 2018 00:12
    how do u extract the zip code

  3. KATE
    KATE · Brother#4367
    23 November 2018 19:14
    Cheat is outdated

  4. Hacker
    22 November 2018 15:24
    The cheat doesn't work? Why?

  5. LolzBroz6
    3 November 2018 02:09
    It doesn't work. Detected.

  6. HarryBourbon
    29 October 2018 19:45
    Says it in the top right of the extensions page

  7. Henry1234567
    25 October 2018 02:41
    i get the player trough builds name but none of the other ones

  8. oliveriscool
    23 October 2018 21:57
    how do you get it to work

  9. 1262306085
    23 October 2018 14:27
    Read carefluly.ESP only

  10. OOF
    23 October 2018 08:49
    doesnt work, i will reinstall if you make it work

  11. tfhbet
    21 October 2018 02:03
    Doesnt seem to work my guy

  12. Kian Cureton
    20 October 2018 12:21
    it doesnt have aimbot

  13. synkflow
    5 September 2018 11:07
    how do i access develepor mode?

New Comments
kidpiroca kidpiroca
  1. Just like you do with any other cheat, scroll down to the download button and download the cheat files
  2. Unzip the downloaded .zip archive into any folder you want
  3. Run `Launcher.exe` from the extracted folder
  4. In the window that opens, select the game executable file `Client-Win64-Shipping.exe` (`\Wuthering Waves\Wuthering Waves Game\Client\Binaries\Win64\Client-Win64-Shipping.exe`)
  5. Once the game has opened, press `INSERT` to open the GUI
  6. And that’s it! Toggle any features you want and enjoy your brand new experience!

Brodaa77 Brodaa77

they gave an update? do you recommend something with an update?

Code006 Code006

pls add remove Text Damage or Renew one Hit