Crimson Dota 2 Cheat - Free DotaPlus, Skills ESP, Camera Distance

  • Developer: Nightroxuq
  • Status:
  • Updated: 27.04.22
  • Current version: FREE

Crimson Dota 2 Cheat - Free DotaPlus, Skills ESP, Camera Distance

This free Dota 2 cheat will allow you to fully realize your abilities and skill, without much effort.

The camera's recoil, mana mapping, and quick calculation of your opponent's net HP will already give you a huge advantage, and that's just a small part of our functionality. 

Use this hack in the game Dota 2 yourself and be number one in the game table of players! Additionally you can get Dota2Plus for free and much more!


Info ESP

  • True Sight
  • Linken's Sphere
  • Illusion
  • Latest Enemy Pos
  • Roshan Timer
  • Enemy HP \ Mana \ Mana Bar

Ability ESP

Notification of hidden enemy abilities.

It is drawn "in the world" + a small notice on the side.

  • Invoker: Sun Strike
  • Lina: Light Strike Array
  • Kunkka: Torrent
  • Spirit Breaker: Charge of Darkness
  • Sniper: Assassinate

menu dota2 cheatCamera

  • Camera Distance - Set any camera height
  • fog_enable - Turns off the fog of war (gray haze)
  • fow_client_nofiltering - Removes fogging of war
  • dota_use_particle_fow - Display of all effects in the fog of war


  • Dota Plus Unlock - Unlock Dota Plus
  • Auto Accept - Automatically accepts the game
  • Mute Sound When Speek - Mutes the sound in Dota while you're chatting. For those who don't play with headphones 😏
  • LastHit Marker - Marks creeps you can finish off in red

  • Weather - Change the weather
  • River Type - Replacing the river effect

How to use:

  1. Download and install.
  2. In the Settings tab check the box (Free Version)
  3. Menu open Delete key
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  1. mrxonacid
    18 May 2022 12:49

    the new update is out and my lanucher don't donwload it i have no idea why please uptade

  2. seanthelol
    13 May 2022 04:10

    Good hack actually even with free version is kinda pog ty very much

    MR_JESTER · MR_JESTER ˢᵏʸ#6648
    11 May 2022 16:03

    hi Nightroxuq  pls Send a message in Discord   my id: 

    MR_JESTER ˢᵏʸ#6648 

  4. DarkHamdi
    7 May 2022 18:31

    pls update not working after dota 2 patch update 

  5. 2041233575
    1 May 2022 18:26

    Injection Error!Injection Error! Code: Ox3

    Injection Error!Injection Error! Code: Ox3

  6. bebekdota
    28 April 2022 06:13

    visual c++ runtime error in game

  7. Josevilchez23
    27 April 2022 22:49


  8. sayem132
    27 April 2022 12:09

    is it working?

New Comments
ByMynix ByMynix

It's not my injector. The injection is undetected. It's Osiris or other circumstances.

Just038 Just038

Yes and Perfect


En sehr guter cheat wenn nicht sogar einer der Besten meiner auswahl nach