DucatiState - HVH, RageBot, LegitBot

  • Developer: mEdg
  • Status:
  • Updated: 01.10.18
  • Current version: FREE [10/01/18]
Something we have not pleased you for a long time free working cheats for the game CS:GO. Today we can give you the hack is called "DucatiState", which we found in the vast Russian Internet. The developer of this hack is mEdg and according to him the hack is updated every update of the game, there are no bugs and the cheat is easily customized to your style of play. Functions in this hack are the most common, more precisely the most common. You can easily configure one of them. But a few words I'd like to tell you about some of the features.

The first thing I would like to mention such a function as Ragebot. The function includes all necessary settings for an aggressive game like Aimbot, homing, shooting without Sabrosa and so on. But Ragebot you can safely configure and for the game HVH, the fact that it is powerful and principle will not yield in battle to other free HVH hacks.

The hack also contains settings for the legit game with the LegitBot feature. Here you will be able to include all the popular features such as: ESP, Wallhack, highlighting enemies squares and more. In General, download any free working injector and run the cheat using the Insert key during the game (to activate the menu)

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  1. G300
    9 August 2021 08:43

    dude i injected and my mom called that 9/11 just happened why so old man wtf


  2. vaskepaas1
    Real Cheater
    vaskepaas1 · Xghost12S#0001
    19 May 2021 11:08

    Very trash hack

  3. Mr.
    Real Cheater
    2 May 2021 01:20

    bad cheat wtf

  4. spy12085621
    22 January 2019 19:20
    Cheat is unusable: crashes when injected

  5. cog
    3 October 2018 08:47
    No rage tab