N1ghtLand.pw - free rage soft + cfg

  • Developer: Beastcom77
  • Status:
  • Updated: 07.06.19
  • Current version: [07/06/2019]

Hello dears! Another hack on CSGO on the basis of xyo name N1ghtLand.pw. According to the author in this hack all the features working, and most importantly was given in the order such functions as the resolver and AA. Do not rush to write in the comments that this is another paste or just changed the name of the hack, run it and configure, and then try this hack on the game servers CS:GO and the author assures that you will notice a difference in relation to other free Rage hacks on CS:GO.

Describe the functions of thinking does not make sense, all the functions known and understood by every cheater. In addition, the author has added for You a ready injector with which you can easily and easily run .DLL file. We also have attached ready-made cfg files that you can run on this hack.

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  1. shqqha
    6 August 2019 10:49
    Very nice thank you!

  2. GABORKA6002
    8 June 2019 21:22
    detected but its work

  3. diazabdi2003
    8 June 2019 09:47
    how to load the config ?

  4. therenegadejt
    8 June 2019 04:31
    another paste zzz

    1. xtinct76
      Real Cheater
      8 June 2019 22:43
      go buy aimware/onetap if you don't want a paste cheat, it's easy af so stop complaining and 1 thing, this is a free cheat website ofc all of these cheat is a paste from other cheat.

      1. itzlit
        Real Cheater
        itzlit · ITZLIT#6217
        8 June 2019 22:53
        Why so mad lol?

  5. minhlon1471997
    7 June 2019 21:12
     i used 1 time and was banned. This version is not reliable

    1. Nikushamania.99
      8 June 2019 02:11
      hmm u get ow ban ?

    2. dabbingpen
      10 June 2019 02:16
      if its an ow ban then its ur fault lmao, not the cheat. stop raging or going blatant.

  6. Walker_101
    Real Cheater
    7 June 2019 19:33
    Geminisoftware paste

  7. LeCheto984
    7 June 2019 17:40
    cant acces to config

  8. Lmfaor
    7 June 2019 11:53
    lol these cheats are just too op , ik that those are all xy0 pastes but hey , xy0 did not had skin changer.

    1. RelentlessHvH
      RelentlessHvH · P0key#2268
      7 June 2019 16:41
      It did, but the author used the Xy0 source as B A S E
      AKA the cheat is built up from a premade base and perfected for rage

New Comments
ian167 ian167

hello. i just got an update now. should i use minty? will it be safe? or should i wait for next updated minty?

luuug-waaa luuug-waaa

I think bro give up on this one , sad ;(

Flipk45 Flipk45

It's working, but the mouse is laggy asf. It's like the raw imput is off

MiaAce MiaAce

not working because of the injector gets detected