• Developer: MegaBlax
  • Category: CSGO
  • Updated: 16.06.19
  • Current version: [16/06/2019]

Your attention is another cool free Legit cheat on CSGO that you can download from our website. This hack may be in demand among the cheaters, because there are almost all the necessary functions for a comfortable game, and most importantly, that the author will gradually improve them and add new features. At the moment, Simple Project can boast of its personal loader animation that will allow you not to download this hack all the time, and download once and wait for automatic updates, also the hack has an attractive and convenient menu with which you can configure the cheat.

At the moment, the hack contains in its functionality a good Aimbot, which will make your shooting much more accurate and fast, also the hack boasts beautiful visuals, working SkinChanger and many other functions. Again, according to the author of this hack will be finalized if you have suggestions and suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below this news.

Unpack the launcher, run (enter nothing)
If gives an error "there is no connection to the server", we try to cut VPN
Click "save" authorization, download cheat
Close the game, steam (if you do not, cheat himself restart steam)
Run the cheat
Start the game

The configs are in the folder C:\Users\ИМЯ USER\Project\Configs
You can also get there by pressing the key combination win + r and enter %userprofile%\Project\Configs
Only authorized users can download files. Please Log in or Register on the website.
[LEGIT] Simple Project

Download [LEGIT] Simple Project

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  1. THIS IS OMLEEEEEEEEEET (◣_◢) · Cheater· 12 · error
    13 September 2019 20:22
    idk waht do its russian -_-
  2. Vojtaaacze · Cheater· 12 · error
    21 June 2019 11:31
    good cheat but its outdated we need new version of it :)
  3. quanghoang009 · Cheater· 7 · error
    19 June 2019 10:07
    why cant i open the cheat

  4. gutystts13 · User· 2 · error
    16 June 2019 23:12
  5. Grayryn · User· 1 · error
    15 June 2019 17:08
    im location in Indonesia how to open cheat with VPn

  6. Olispro · User· 1 · error
    14 June 2019 21:23
    every time i turn it and turn on CSGO the CSGO crashes

  7. vivalacantudo · User· 2 · error
    14 June 2019 21:14
    bad very bad

  8. GreekOv3rKiller · Real Cheater· 60 · error
    14 June 2019 19:44
    Quote: LazareNadiradze5
    how to get key?

  9. LazareNadiradze5 · User· 1 · error
    14 June 2019 19:42
    how to get key?

  10. GreekOv3rKiller · Real Cheater· 60 · error
    14 June 2019 12:37
    Quote: Xyzexe
    How to open Cheat?

  11. Xyzexe · User· 1 · error
    14 June 2019 12:20
    How to open Cheat?

  12. GreekOv3rKiller · Real Cheater· 60 · error
    13 June 2019 20:25
    NIce cheat but needs some fixes.