• Developer: Saivior1337
  • Category: CSGO
  • Updated: 30.07.21
  • Current version: 30/07/2021

I want to share with you the multifunctional external hack Erika on CSGO from the developer Saivior1337. If you want to improve your game rank and always be the first on classic game servers, then you can use this free cheat on csg with which you will have much more gaming opportunities unlike other players.

Erika Cheat for CSGO Free External multihack
The External cheat on CSGO is safe and the chance of getting banned for using it is very small. Playing with this hack, you can use the following functions: visual world change, Bunnyhop, RadarHack, GlowESP, Force crosshair, Grenade Prediction, TriggerBot, Saving and loading configs and much more.

Additionally, you will be able to independently update this cheat for the next update of the game. You will only need to replace the csgo.hpp file is more up-to-date, which you can find on github: csgo dumper (hazedumper)

How to use:

  1. Launch the CSGO game
  2. Run the cheat Erika.exe (make sure that the file Erika.exe and the csgo.hpp file are located in the same folder.

Hot Keys:

  • Terminate cheat -> [END]
  • Bunnyhop -> [F1]
  • RadarHack -> [F2]
  • GlowESP -> [F3]
  • Force crosshair -> [F4]
  • Grenade Prediction -> F6]
  • TriggerBot -> [XBUTTON1]
  • Map color (R) -> [NUMPAD1]
  • Map color (G) -> [NUMPAD2]
  • Map color (B)- > [NUMPAD3]
  • Local fov (-) -> [NUMPAD4]
  • Local fov (+) -> [NUMPAD5]
  • ChangeViewModelOffset (XY) -> [LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN]
  • ChangeViewModelOffset (Z) -> [PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN]
  • Save config -> [F7]
  • Load config -> [F8]

Erika Cheat for CSGO Free External multihack

Download Erika Cheat for CSGO Free External multihack

Erika Cheat for CSGO Free External multihack.zip
password: 123
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  1. JJJJJJZZ · User· 1 · error
    11 August 2021 18:36

    what does XBUTTON1 mean?

  2. AlperenGuner · Cheater· 19 · error
    3 August 2021 20:32

    external cheats ... kinda useless you know. İnternal cheats have more options like inventory changer profile changer better legitbot legit aa etc. . Some people says eXteRNal CheaTS have a better secure . İts actually true but guys come on we are talking about V.A.C its sucks lol 

    1. luka1232 · Real Cheater· 65 · error · luc3k#9901
      4 August 2021 22:51
      bruh why even discuss detection on a free cheat, it's going to be detected in a week so wouldn't even be worth wasting a prime acc on it
  3. alirezaak · Real Cheater· 94 · error
    1 August 2021 13:15

    best cheat nice triger       (best tiriger)

  4. Meemzz · Real Cheater· 47 · error
    31 July 2021 16:11

    this cheat is dógshitt...

    1. 4nonymous · Real Cheater· 47 · error · prefirexyz#3013
      28 August 2021 22:43
      szar az egész
  5. alirezaak · Real Cheater· 94 · error
    31 July 2021 12:19

    need aim bot