Cheater's Pouch of Essentials

  • Developer: 2L3G1T & NotRageJustGood
  • Status:
  • Updated: 05.04.22
  • Current version: 1.0

>> Cheater's Pouch of Essentials <<

An starter pack for new players/ members that want to hack in csgo it dosent matter if its legit, rage or any other ITS AMAZING AND HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO CHEAT!

>> Includes <<


- Legit (1)

- Rage (0)


- SemiLegit (1)

- SuperLegit (1)


- Legit (1)

- Rage (1)


- Xenos (No Anti VAC)

- CSGhost (Anti VAC)


- Exloader (Anti VAC)

- NotRageLoader (Coming Soon)


- Popular Settings (4)

- Pro Settings (4)

- Global Config (2)

- My Settings (1)


>> ScreenShots <<

>> Detailed Information <<

All the cheats, DLL, loaders and injectors came from Im also not responsible for any VAC Ban or Kick

Im just a Hacker that had a rough start and want to  make it as easy as possible to cheat in csgo all files are verified by the mod team (exes and dlls)

if you need any help which would be rare because it is super simple to use just contact me thru the comments or PM I will try to respond ASAP

Disclaimer I dont own any of the programs in this file what i do ""own"" are the configs but not really you are free to modify the configs to your liking just 

dont be an ass and steal this pack just gimme credit because this took a lot of time, I will also update the pack every 2 months or so (maybe more)

Well that's all hope I explained myself well LOL

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  1. HackTaiKhoan002
    5 April 2022 10:39

    Nicely detailed yet, simple and easy to use-premade pouch of essentials 😯 . Although im not a newbie to cheating, this should came in handy to new ones and those who slacks of too much and dont want to compile thier own "pouch" of essentials...(I can talk about this "pouch" minutes and minutes on end but since the comment is already too long, may i'm just gonna leave it here like this) 😁

    -Again, thanks to 2L3G1T & NotRageJustGood 

  2. dylansum
    21 April 2022 22:56

    in killcams it looks like i am completely invisible? is there something wrong?

  3. alvarobex.
    alvarobex. · bexey#8440
    10 April 2022 02:15


  4. HackTaiKhoan002
    8 April 2022 07:29
    Quote: Ice11dragon

    sorry but does anyone here now a csgo cheat undetected with just a normal dll

    there are no such free cheat that is undetected, only extremely-hard-to-be-detected type of free cheat. Also you can make your current free cheat harder to be detected by all sorts of bypass measures... 

  5. Ice11dragon
    Real Cheater
    6 April 2022 20:26

    sorry but does anyone here now a csgo cheat undetected with just a normal dll

  6. beepboopindahouse
    Real Cheater
    5 April 2022 13:39

    Wth is this? xD

    1. Nurofen435
      5 April 2022 17:12
      free cheats and cfg's in a folder

    2. Nitai1
      7 May 2022 16:13

      really no idea