• Developer: SenpaiTOP
  • Category: Destiny 2
  • Updated: 06.10.18
  • Current version: Only 1080p [10/06/18]

I hasten to please our users with a new section-cheats for Destiny 2 and the first working free hack on the game Destiny 2 with the Aimbot function. This hack has the name of dDeadPark and the developer of this hack is the user SenpaiTOP. This is his first work in the development of cheats, but this cheat exceeds all expectations. He's a worker, has quite tochnymi settings functions Aimbot.

What will the Aimbot feature give you in Destiny 2? Thanks to this Aim function you will shoot much more accurately and faster. The function will do everything for you, Aim will direct a sight at the most unprotected area thereby making the opponent vulnerable, and you are not present. All you have to do is carefully direct the weapon towards the enemy, and then Aimbot will do its job with a click of your gaming mouse. 
Cheat runs in one click with the ability to turn on and off the hack during gameplay.

To Enable BOT NUMPAD 3.
To Disable NUMPAD BOT 1.
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dDeadPark - Aimbot

Download dDeadPark - Aimbot

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