can someone making cheat for lol?

can someone make cheat for lol undetected?
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  1. Ashitakaa
    Ashitakaa · 𝘼𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙩𝙖𝙠𝙖 ツ#7271
    3 December 2020 22:24
    There are cheats for lol but, riot is really, really good at detecting if someone is cheating, they have tabs on all the third party programs people are using, and if anything is changing due to scripting programs or other things along those lines. Cheating in league is also way more obvious then in other games 

  2. Saad0000002
    2 December 2020 22:32
    i am making new cheat for hvh

  3. svenskithesource
    svenskithesource · svenskithesource#2815
    21 November 2020 23:30
    ofc someone can. They almost all make it for fun

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Zinoo Zinoo

im downloding the file but i dont know how to eject is there a video?

nurillo_hamidov nurillo_hamidov

no, it is only visible for you

timheu00 timheu00

can you please add that when you pull cases from inventory cahnger that you can increase the probability that you pull something good

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