an injector to inject otc v3 please...

i use sazz and it crash for otc v3. Please tell me an injector to inject otc v3
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  1. muymuy
    Real Cheater
    23 March 2021 10:49
    HI GUYS CAN SOME1 HELP ME WHEN I INJECT OTC MY PING IS 200 BUT WHEn I didn't inject my game 24 ping plsss hellpp

  2. mamaetare123123
    20 March 2021 23:40
    please give me a injector im have big black dick 

    20 March 2021 13:07

    Using csghost and dont crash 
    But it is Detected by VAC and after an hour or less VAC BANNED  you 

    1. RelentlessHvH
      RelentlessHvH · P0key#2268
      23 March 2021 16:39
      false. otc isnt detected

      1. zeyfx
        27 March 2021 03:45
        Its true! otcv2 & v3 are detectable by VAC. To avoid this you can use a VAC bypass

  4. animgamer
    20 March 2021 11:39
    use this wont crash and no vac

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