How can i get my cheat to

I Have Made My Own Cheat And i Would Like To Share it With the Community, how can i do that?
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  1. KATE
    KATE · Brother#4367
    3 April 2021 07:21

    Go to your profile and add a cheat. After verification by a moderator, it will be available on the site.

  2. manhmct301
    Real Cheater
    3 April 2021 18:38
    same question, just I cant add Linkvertise as download link

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FreakenOut FreakenOut

There a way to some how sync the chests already found? had to re download and install this and all the chests in the map is back, don't know which ones I did. hehe

konya42 konya42

For Ready Version Add Me On 

Discord : ZhoneS#9429

mekanoree mekanoree

Can't get it to work, just constantly says it can't find the swf needed?

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