cant extract the folder KRLN, computer says to skip the files

when i download the files for KRLN i try to extract the file and my computer says 'unspecified error'. it tells me to try again or skip. ive clicked tried again and it still brings up the error. and ive skipped and i click on the application and it tells me to extract all files. what is happening here?

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  1. fm321oi13
    14 November 2022 19:55

    disable anti virus and ask in the krnl discord .-.

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spacely spacely

it was undetected before, why not anymore?

Pxwerv2 Pxwerv2

Can you add an autotalk for scenes that can't be skipped

Coks123fr Coks123fr

it cause its python you have to install python and the stuff it uses but it dont work anymore so dont

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