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  • Developer: Hydra
  • Status:
  • Updated: 23.08.18
  • Current version: v5.0 [08/23/18]
We are pleased to provide you with another working cheat on the game ROS Rules of Survival. This hack has been repeatedly tested and we put it for you already in the updated version. The hack is relevant for both the global game client and the Steam client. The cheat does not require any additional actions to install auxiliary programs, you only need to register on the site and download the cheat Hydra on ROS for free from our site. The hack contains in its functionality all the necessary functions for a pleasant and inconspicuous game. Functions under the name Wallhack, ESP, Aimbot, No Grass, and others. We'd like to demonstrate a couple of features.

The Wallhack and ESP functions fall into one category. Function WH complements the function of the ESP thereby making these two functions are interrelated. Features will add to your game transparent walls, highlighting enemies glow, calculating the distance to the enemy and the necessary items. Simply put, you will see enemies through the walls, as well as weapons and first aid (first aid kits).

I would also like to tell you about the Aimbot feature. AIM is for shooting, for your weapon. With this function, your shooting from a certain weapon will be accurate and you will shoot only in the head to quickly destroy the enemy and take away all his equipment.

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  1. ricric
    19 March 2019 16:20
    how to download ?

  2. derek lamis
    derek lamis
    14 October 2018 06:27
    i want to download

    i want to download

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awaubguoawdaw awaubguoawdaw

Lvl update says "close truck to update". So which truck is it and does it really work?

Zatsu44 Zatsu44

I see people comment the most random stuff but nobody is asking the important questions like if it's bannable or if someone got banned for it already.....

squeeze1217 squeeze1217

the game is not opening what do i need to do?? please help