• Developer: Kewltrainer
  • Category: Rules of Survival
  • Updated: 01.08.20
  • Current version: [01/08/2020]

New working cheat on the Rules of Survival is already known to us developer hacks Kewltrainer. This time the author provides us with an actual cheat on the popular online game Rules of Survival. CITPEKALONGAN contains in its functions two essential functions for the game in ROS to keep the top of the gaming table, for example there is Aimbot which you shoot and get straight to the purpose and function Wallhack (ESP) with the help of which you'll see enemies through textures on the map and thus know about their whereabouts. You will be able to change the distance, enable shooting without recoil and much more, all this is done through the hack menu.

The cheat is very easy to start and use, it is virtually no different from the previous version of the hack, except that it has improved protection from account lockout. The author provides for us ready .the dll file is a hack that tells us that the cheat does not contain any viruses and your data will not be hacked. To run the hack you will need a working injector, you can find on the website in the section "Injectors".

Extract Your Downloaded File To Desktop
Open The Extracted Zip File Folder 
Run Rules Of Survival Go To Lobby
Then Run As Administrator The "CCMini" Loader
Press "Insert" To Show And Hide The Menu 
Use Your "Arrow Keys" To On And Off The Function
Change Your Graphics To "High" For Better Wallhack

CITPEKALONGAN - Wallhack, No Grass, Speedup

Download CITPEKALONGAN - Wallhack, No Grass, Speedup

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  1. kyznetsov12.200 · Cheater· 15 · error
    22 February 2021 22:43
    I tawer kills for cheats games
  2. sinx2020 · User· 1 · error
    15 October 2020 06:04
    Can i use this on steam version?
    1. sbzrayen · Real Cheater· 74 · error · Darling#3527
      25 October 2020 21:52
      no you can't
  3. Syed Basit Ali SHah · User· 1 · error
    2 October 2019 09:47
    this hack is not working. is there any other new hack ?
    1. sbzrayen · Real Cheater· 74 · error · Darling#3527
      25 October 2020 21:53
      yeah check Hax4you its safe hack 
  4. pipoy t. baguio · User· 1 · error
    2 October 2019 05:37
    how can i run the cheat?
    1. sbzrayen · Real Cheater· 74 · error · Darling#3527
      25 October 2020 21:54
      its old version u cannot use it now
  5. Mihaita500 · Real Cheater· 25 · error · Dope | #3757
    29 September 2019 13:41
    This is the best rules of survival cheat.I m playing with this cheats for 30 days and i don t get baned!I love your cheat.(diamond rank)

  6. infernodragon · User· 1 · error
    20 September 2019 11:21
    How do we open the Control Panel for the Hack?
  7. Tom2K · User· 2 · error
    14 September 2019 11:32
    i used it....it works fine but esp is bad!
    aimbot works really good and it was safe so far! (gold rank)
  8. FouadAR · User· 1 · error
    13 September 2019 21:21
    banned thank you xD
  9. razornetz · Cheater· 5 · error
    13 September 2019 10:17
    pekalongan ini bous
    1. GGplay · Cheater· 16 · error
      13 September 2019 14:00
      Bisa sampe sini2 ini cit
  10. mikuzi · Cheater· 23 · error
    12 September 2019 16:24
    nice, thanks for share
    1. sbzrayen · Real Cheater· 74 · error · Darling#3527
      25 October 2020 21:54
      your welcome enjoy your game