Cheat for Sorcerer Fighting Simulator

  • Developer: Bugxie
  • Status:
  • Updated: 28.02.21
  • Current version: 28/02/2021

Sorcerer Fighting Simulator is a place in which the player will have to pump his character, having previously selected one of the four elements.
In Place, you train at the most prestigious magic academy to become the most powerful sorcerer. You can become the greatest in various types of magic to defeat your enemies and fight for places in the leaderboard.

Advantages of the cheat:
The cheat does not load the roblox process and does not crash the game.
The program does not interfere with other players, which means that the chance of a report and a ban on the account is minimal.
Thanks to the automatic farm function for Sorcerer Fighting Simulator, you can pump several characteristics at once in the game.
The software also has a Teleport function, which allows you to quickly move around the map in the place.

Activating the cheat:
To successfully activate the cheat, we need an injector for roblox.

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  1. RiverMagi21
    1 March 2021 19:01
    Not working with multiple exploit rip I tested the one on this site, krnl, vega x, jjsploit.

    1. DOG393831
      6 April 2021 12:55
      use synapse or fluxus dumbas or zeus