• Developer: Assasine03#9403
  • Category: Roblox
  • Updated: 28.02.21
  • Current version: 28/02/2021

All Star Tower Defense is a Tower Defense place in Roblox, in which the player will have to fight off a lot of bots. The player needs to expose their units for protection. Units can be pumped, increasing their level and increasing their characteristics.

Each unit has unique abilities that are only available to it, but the player can also team up with other users to pass challenges.


Auto farm the function of automatic farming of levels in the game. Once enabled, the player is teleported to the location and begins to automatically complete the available quests.
Skip Wave a function for skipping a wave in the game. Very useful if your army can not cope with the pressure of enemies when completing a quest.
Auto Upgrade a useful feature for automatically leveling your hero in the place. It shows itself perfectly in conjunction with the first function.
Infinite Mode infinite wave mode.
Setting  setting the cheat menu.

Activating the cheat:
To successfully activate the cheat, we need an injector for roblox.
Cheat for All Star Tower Defense

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  1. akarideon5 · User· 1 · error
    27 September 2021 19:49

    can someone explain how this works its first time im cheating so i dont know how to do this


  2. jack_wettin · Cheater· 11 · error
    3 June 2021 21:11

    cant download

    1. jack_wettin · Cheater· 11 · error
      3 June 2021 22:24
      dont working
  3. gagagagagg · User· 1 · error
    4 March 2021 15:33
    how inject cheats?
    1. 999juixewrld999 · Cheater· 5 · error
      22 March 2021 00:07
      use KRNL or any other lvl 7 lua injectors
  4. 67jyjt · User· 1 · error
    3 March 2021 12:32
    how to open?