Anime Warriors Simulator Script Hack - Teleport

  • Developer: TheManager4938#0908
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  • Updated: 17.04.22
  • Current version: 1.0

Anime Warriors Simulator Script Hack

Anime Warriors Simulator working script 2022 on the popular simulation game Roblox. This is a simple but necessary script with which you can teleport your character to the last world. Use it to eliminate all opponents and be first in the game table of players.

Anime Warriors Simulator Scripts

Roblox Anime Warriors Simulator allows you to collect fighters from many famous anime franchises. By sending them into battle, you'll earn currency that you can use to get more fighters. Fight a lot of bad guys, and eventually you'll unlock new worlds! See if you can become the best anime warrior in this simulation game.

How to use:

To run the cheat you just need to download any working Exploit for Roblox, copy the script from our website and paste.

It's very simple and easy!

Where can I find Exploit for Roblox?

You just need to use the search on our site and you will find actual injectors for the game Roblox.

For example: DuckySploit Roblox Level 7 Executor Free, EZlauncher | Roblox executor, Opexx V2.5 | Keyless Roblox Exploit, Free Exploit KRNL for Roblox

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calm bro if you dont like it you can search for another cheats ! easy <3

nutela_bose nutela_bose

i keep getting the error "46 - Error: Problem getting flash information."
anyone know if im doing something wrong or if theres a fix?

kingdog123 kingdog123

stupid well deserve. your stupidness is high off the roof