Hide and Seek Extreme GUI - Win Game, Collect All Coins, More

  • Developer: J J K
  • Status:
  • Updated: 25.05.22
  • Current version: 1.0

Another working script on the popular roblox mode Hide and Seek Extreme, which has many cool features: Win Game, Collect All Coins, Autofarm Coins, Play Music, Set Walkspeed. Hide and Seek Extreme is an adventure game that was uploaded to the servers of the Roblox online universe in 2015. By this day Tim7775's popular creation has been appreciated by about 5.6 million users, who added the place to their favorites. And the total number of visits will soon reach 2 billion. Hide and Seek Extreme adventure playground will be interesting for those who love to spend time in Roblox together with their friends. Drop into the online world of hide and seek at any time, and you do not have to be present at the time. In addition, play and have fun in the mode can be without investment and all sorts of donations, which also can not fail to please.

How do I use this script? < Visit this page to find out.


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  1. Brotz
    14 June 2022 13:12

    How do i download this cheat if anyone ca help me add me on discord and message me saying : i am here to help '' so i understand pls my username :Brotz GamingYT#4781

    1. Fender
      Fender · Vanced#2806
      14 June 2022 21:17


  2. I like Roblox
    5 June 2022 09:42

    wow its working nice


New Comments
meow1254795 meow1254795

only if u share whole screen on discord  but with medal it shows in clips

nvm only if u share desktop view

thevanglee thevanglee

Opened as Admin; Launched Loader.exe; Opened Xenos injector and injected failed to inject 'WuWa-Cheat.dll' Any solutions or are we waiting for another .dll?

darioioana112112 darioioana112112

for me it says numpy is not available idk why it worked before

Espernos Espernos

does this show on sharescreen?