Build and Survive Script - Kill All Bots

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  • Updated: 28.05.22
  • Current version: 1.0

There is a new script on roblox Build and Survive, very easy to use and has only one useful function - Kill all bots. By pressing the "nuke the scaries" button in the script, all the bots that want to destroy you are instantly killed. This means that you can easily survive on this map. Build and Survive game was released in 2019, for all time has almost 130 million hits, 750k added the game to the favorites. The concept of the mode is quite simple, users build a base to protect themselves from various monsters, and so you have to come up with various tricks building buildings and small structures. But with the script you don't have to build anything else, you will destroy everyone with one button.

How do I use this script? < Visit this page to find out.

local library = loadstring(game:HttpGet(('')))()

local w = library:CreateWindow("its not ooga booga")
local b = w:CreateFolder("ITS OOOGA BOOGA")
b:Button("nuke the scaries",function()
for i,v in pairs(game.Workspace.__THINGS.Monsters:GetChildren()) do
local args = {
   [1] = {
       [1] = {
           [1] = {
               [1] = {
                   [1] = v,
                   [2] = math.huge
       [2] = {
           [1] = false


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