Free Injector for Genshin Impact

  • Developer: galpt
  • Status:
  • Updated: 25.09.21
  • Current version: 25.09.2021
I want to share with you this wonderful injector for the game Genshin Impact with which you can easily launch Genshin Impact Public Cheat from the developer CrazyShoot. Now you will not need to do everything manually, the injector will run the cheat for you and will do the necessary actions to activate it. Follow the instructions and recommendations, you will definitely succeed!

Genshin Impact Improved Injector
How to use:

  1. Extract the zip file wherever you like;
  2. Open the gimpex folder;
  3. There are only 2 files inside the folder. Run start-injx.bat as Administrator;
  4. Wait for the injector to bypass mhyprot2 (usually 1 min.) (now it's almost instant);
  5. You can close the console window after the cheat has been injected.

Free Download Free Injector for Genshin Impact

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  1. lolipopchainer
    14 July 2022 21:20

    Hi, my mod is broken, i saw it in the extraced one, it says "china", but im on Europe version, so the "CLibrary.:" says at start "Wrong game version". is there an other version of the modmenu or do i need now the china game version to make it work again? thx.

  2. jdevzx
    17 April 2022 14:25

    how can i fix eula not confirmed

  3. Shintot
    1 November 2021 12:42

    the game just crash everytime i inject it but i do see the cheat plz fix it


  4. GodBoiHua
    18 October 2021 08:20

    Crashes me everytime i inject it into the game and it did show the Cheat for a few second and then the game crashes

  5. Makingalien
    Makingalien · Chorizillo#2711
    16 October 2021 12:38

    When i inject it does all that it has to do but it crashes for no reason.

New Comments
ProFesorHeyno ProFesorHeyno

what the password pls?

DafftyTeam24 DafftyTeam24

Instructions unclear, Dominated entire enemy team on 2fort.

RebetherFakeOne RebetherFakeOne

Can't open menu.
I dont get, pressing F1 and nothing happens

nbook nbook

Is there a way to show hidden chests (chests that appear after killing mobs) in ESP?

xalganos xalganos

there is glow esp you just have to really open your eyes ....